My boyfriend is busy with his friends everyday.so the question is..who the fuck is really am i??!!!ur pathetic aloner girlfriend who always hidden in ur shadows??

Okay..here’s the story..my boyfriend is busy all the time like he kinda ditch me.and..me..i cant let myself texted him first..c’mon i’ve pride n im a woman.so he supposed to know it.

Im living too long in the lonelyness..he asked me out then we’re hang out.
And then awkward situation happened n i hate it.all i think is juz get back home immediately.

Yaaaaayyyy…talkin with him again :D

Im not expecting too much for it.im juz happy.im scared for expecting too much.i’ll try to control my thought.control my feeling.juz wanna make this things right.he’s an adult.he know exactly what he doin.so..i’ll try not to ruin everything as long im in perfect control.

Even juz say Hi..i feel so happy.maybe its bcuz im alone for a very long time + im only talking with myself.

Feel a lil happiness cuz i’ve someone to talk.even its juz a simple conversation.juz happy.no explaination.

Keeping secret n havin fun with my own world is more….FUN.
Admit it..u cant live ur life without secret.its like apart of urs.

Seriously…??!!???if u wanna talk to me,juz talk.
If u wont,juz disappears n never coming back.

Shit!u ditch me again after u say “Hello & how r u” when i replied urs.
U juz came n pop up in front of me n gone whatever u want.
Please..juz stop it bitch!!
If u still want me,juz b honest.but if u’re not,please juz leave.
I’d be glad if u did.